Legitimate meaning in hindi | Legitimate ka matlab 

Legitimate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Legitimate 
As noun : औरस
Usage of Legitimate: 1: The legitimate business is a perfect foil for his illegal activities. 2: These were small polities ruled by a king from a legitimate dynasty. 3: Having no living legitimate children 4: The legitimate Khan would often be a mere figurehead. 5: Caesarion was declared legitimate son and heir of Caesar. 6: She would be the mother of Frederick Henry , William's fourth legitimate son. 7: Pericles witnessed the death of both his legitimate sons from his first wife 8: Because Lord Nelson died without legitimate issue 9: The most direct and legitimate successor would have been Louis 10: Henry died at Chinon on 6 July 1189. His legitimate children
Legitimate ki paribhasha : dharmapatni se utpann pratham au ras putr kyonki usake dbaara pita pitraRRin se mukt hota hai bilakul thik aur poora jaisa thik hona chaahie, vaisa shastr chhodne se poorv use abhimntrit karane ka ek mntr jo apani vivaahita stri si utpann ho

Legitimate synonyms
real sensible genuine fair normal certain consistent justifiable natural logical statutory appropriate reasonable lawful proper well-founded correct reliable rightful sound recognized sanctioned received acknowledged accredited warranted authorized accepted admissible canonical cogent customary innocent licit official on the level orthodox probable regular sure typical usual verifiable true on the up and up
Legitimate antonyms
dishonest counterfeit illegitimate unreal deceptive abnormal unconventional irrational unreliable unsuitable illegal incorrect untrustworthy unlawful unwarranted false invalid unreasonable affected irregular uncommon unfitting improper 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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