Look after meaning in hindi | Look after ka matlab 

Look after meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Look after 
Usage of Look after: 1: Mr Sandford was entrusted to look after this property until the child matured. 2: Many family members choose to look after their relative 3: This includes those who look after the cameras and lights . 4: I look after my return
Look after ki paribhasha : is prakaar thaame rahana ki chhootane ya bhaagane na paave

Look after synonyms
follow guide escort lead spook convoy consort chaperon squire dog drag draft conduct date usher shadow come along string along tailgate associate with go along hang around with hang out keep company shlep along show about show around stick to tag along take out serve doctor mind be in the service of minister to take care of wait upon work for note hear observe notice regard mark hearken heed catch listen pick up concentrate on devote oneself get a load of lend an ear listen up look on occupy oneself with pay heed see to keep one's eye on consider sit treasure foster mother nurture ride herd on wait on pay attention to baby sit keep an eye on keep tabs on mind the store provide for take pains watch over preserve contend hold secure uphold prevent fight resist oppose retain shield withstand house mine fortify battle conserve sustain entrench war nourish avert shelter screen espouse hedge insure bulwark cover cherish garrison fend off stave off take in panoply fight for beat off care for guard against hold at bay keep safe provide sanctuary repel danger ward off move execute accomplish complete prepare conclude perform make finish determine produce undertake act close operate succeed create achieve fix effect discharge cook fulfill cause transact arrange bring about pull off take on wind up wrap up be responsible for engage in get ready get with it go for it make ready take care of business do one's thing abet aid assist steady benefact help out lend a hand plow reap graze sow cultivate harvest grow plant ranch garden subdue superintend direct crop till seed husband pasture dress harrow landscape homestead bring under cultivation till the soil subsist survive eke out existence make do make provision for stay alive patrol lookout shepherd police chaperone stonewall baby-sit shotgun cover up keep in view keep under surveillance ride shotgun for see after continue manage feed subsidize ordain administer command board endure carry on victual control finance renew persevere advance perpetuate supply prolong repair go on with keep going vaccinate cradle pamper immunize further humor father inoculate encourage treat forward indulge irradiate promote harbor medicate succor keep alive take charge of watch out for formulate set up construct coordinate regulate establish fashion frame constitute shape mold tabulate compose group fit codify dispose pigeonhole catalogue adjust combine adapt harmonize classify standardize tailor correlate straighten settle marshal get together put together methodize get going lick into shape line up put in order straighten out whip into shape inspect overlook boss survey skipper captain quarterback call the shots run the show sit on top of be in driver's seat insulate assure cushion champion shade go to bat for sentinel cover all bases give refuge give sanctuary stand guard take under wing contribute equip hand over grant transfer add afford cater present yield implement furnish render replenish accommodate stake favor impart feather proffer stock dispense ration procure outfit bestow heel fix up turn out fit out fix up with stock up head own helm be in charge be in saddle head up pull the strings ensure keep up handle deal with be in the saddle be on duty call the play crack the whip preside over run things strengthen fund sponsor raise underwrite angel stiffen stroke prop bankroll bring up attend to be a source of strength buoy up give a leg up make a living pay expenses of pay for pick up the check put up money for earn one's keep corral cater to look out be on alert be on the lookout be vigilant be wary be watchful keep eyes open keep eyes peeled keep watch over pick up on take heed
Look after antonyms
disregard ignore desert neglect abandon leave lose withdraw be lazy be absent overlook miss injure dislike hate hurt forget not care surrender release endanger harm aid assist squander uncover forsake relinquish resign deny renounce give up let go help support discourage make peace waste reveal attack quit dissuade create commence prevent destroy ruin hesitate abstain disarrange disorder disorganize put off stop bear fail begin start halt introduce idle disturb defer pass undo not finish refuse lay bare cease discontinue deprive disperse hand over dishonor starve mismanage consume let happen condemn discard take block hinder impede obstruct scatter mix up disconnect break upset confuse unfit differ move obey follow open conceal refrain withhold shun subtract disapprove veto deplete oppose take away use up remove walk stand serve lay open throw away leave open make vulnerable weaken let down reject contradict conclude depress pass by 
Usage of Look after in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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