Maze meaning in hindi | Maze ka matlab 

Maze meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Maze 
Usage of Maze: 1: The game uses a 16 by 16 cell maze 2: The player can manually map the maze on a piece of paper with each step 3: This is a maze cut into a field of maize. 4: A well end maze 5: I was looking for a thread that it directed me through the maze 6: Moving into the maze of the procedure 7: The maze of laws 8: The twists and returns a maze 9: This case is a maze 10: This will engage you in a maze of procedures
Maze ki paribhasha : aisa raasta bataana jisamen aadami bhatake aisa vaaky jisamen kisi vastu ka lakshan ghuma phiraakar athava kisi bhraamak roop men diya gaya ho aur usi lakshan ke sahaare use boojhane athava usaka naam bataane ka prastaav ho

Maze synonyms
convolution puzzle twist winding perplexity tangle web network hodgepodge muddle mesh imbroglio knot entanglement morass bewilderment skein uncertainty quandary intricacy snarl jungle miscellany meander meandering torsion
Maze antonyms
line order organization certainty 
Usage of Maze in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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