Middle meaning in hindi | Middle ka matlab 

Middle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Middle 
Usage of Middle: 1: Today even middle class homes have all sorts of mod cons. 2: I belong to the middle class. 3: During middle ages even the landlords due to fragmentation of land, became small holders. 4: I was berthed on the middle deck. 5: Dont leave things in the middle of the room. 6: The child was standing in the middle of the crossfire, defenselessly. 7: Towards the middle of 2006 8: That means that in the middle of the square the maximum of current has to flow 9: The Unetice culture is followed by the middle Bronze Age Tumulus culture 10: After World War II woodworking became a popular hobby among the middle classes.
Middle ki paribhasha : kisi paridhi, sima ya maryaada ka kendr athava us kendr ke aas paas ka koi sthaan jahaaan se chaaron or ki sima praayaः samaan antar par ho bauddhon ka ek bhed sngit ke saat svaron men se chautha svar sharir ka madhय़ bhaag jo pet aur pith ke niche pedou aur chootar ke oopar hota hai sngit men ek saptak jisake svaron ka uchchaaran vakshasthal se knth ke andar ke sthaanon se kiya jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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