Mingy meaning in hindi | Mingy ka matlab 

Mingy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mingy 
Usage of Mingy: 1: He is one of the most mingy person.

Mingy synonyms
miserly penny-pinching stingy thrifty tight-wad narrow skinflint chintzy closefisted illiberal parsimonious penurious skimpy ungenerous niggardly tight-fisted prudent meticulous canny careful spartan abstemious chary discreet meager provident saving sparing tightwad wary conserving penny-wise preserving scrimping unwasteful selfish greedy mercenary rapacious scrimpy economical money-conscious pennywise pinchpenny
Mingy antonyms
expensive excellent valuable worthy costly dear noble precious priceless superior sophisticated upper far faraway inaccurate unfriendly unreserved generous beyond detached loose open imprecise cool dry giving uncramped incautious wasteful lavish careless spendthrift uneconomical spendthrifty kind unselfish compassionate polite nice sympathetic extreme extravagant 
Usage of Mingy in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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