Mischief meaning in hindi | Mischief ka matlab 

Mischief meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mischief 
Usage of Mischief: 1: Their entire group enjoys mischief - making. 2: It is used most commonly figuratively, especially when speaking of crimes, mischief and Seriousness means, atrocity 3: Long ago to do what he premeditated mischief 4: Pardi! It was he who made this mischief 5: There is mischief in his face, in his eyes, in her smile 6: , A coronation was said for a man capable of all sorts of mischief
Mischief ki paribhasha : paas ke dravy aadi men truti ya kami yajn ke liye varjit chaaranon ki ek jaati jo praachin kaal men raajaaon ka kirtigaan kiya karati thi kisi ke snbndh men kahi hui buri baat

Mischief synonyms
playfulness evil wrongdoing vandalism misconduct prank sabotage catastrophe harm misbehavior frolicsomeness impishness misfortune sportiveness roguery friskiness outrage injury mischievousness hurt gag waggishness rascality naughtiness shenanigans fault ill roguishness transgression atrocity devilry high jinks monkey business misdoing waggery devilment dirty trick funny business waywardness
Mischief antonyms
advantage behavior obedience happiness aid benefit blessing good help right kindness 
Usage of Mischief in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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