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Mock meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mock 
Usage of Mock: 1: He laughed a mock laughter to irritate them further. 2: they made a mock of him 3: Song lyrics and mock musical numbers appear in each of his novels 4: After a mock execution 5: It is now also used to mock newbies 6: Troilus used to mock the foolishness of other young men's love affairs. 7: He has a mock topographical poem , several mock odes , and mock pastorals. 8: Absolutely, Do not you see it mocks? You mock you, I believe 9: scoffer, EUSE, is also used as a noun and refers to one, one that likes to mock him, which often mocks 10: Fun someone, mock him
Mock ki paribhasha : jo nakal karake banaaya gaaya ho baarah prakaar ke putron men se ek doodh denevaali gaay ki ek achchhi jaati jo vaastavik sthiti ke viparit ho

Mock synonyms
make-believe bogus phony simulated dummy ersatz pseudo pretended feigned imitation put-on counterfeit forged substitute sham apish fraudulent hokey imitative quasi so-called spurious unreal faked false tease taunt scoff insult deride scorn parody caricature buffoon jape jeer needle hoot flout burlesque chaff travesty sneer rally rib kid laugh at make fun of poke fun at show contempt thumb nose at imitate lampoon satirize assume mirror ditto mime affect take off send up defy betray fool dupe thwart cheat challenge foil elude frustrate mislead beguile defeat disappoint juggle delude double-cross let down sell out
Mock antonyms
real sincere authentic genuine true compliment praise exalt flatter tell truth be serious aid assist abet encourage help 
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The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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