Niggard meaning in hindi | Niggard ka matlab 

Niggard meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Niggard 
Niggard synonyms
rustic clodhopper oaf tightwad beast provincial peasant yokel miser chuff mucker selfish greedy close penny-pinching mercenary miserly parsimonious penurious rapacious stingy mingy scrimpy tight-fisted misanthropist meanie misanthrope cheapskate moneygrubber penny-pincher acquisitive avaricious chary chintzy churlish close-fisted costive covetous economical extortionate frugal grasping ignoble illiberal narrow near curmudgeonly grudging ironfisted niggardly saving sparing petty sordid thrifty tightfisted uncharitable ungenerous scrimping skimping pennywise pinchpenny scurvy ungiving
Niggard antonyms
kind unselfish compassionate polite generous nice noble sympathetic extreme far wasting spendthrift away 
Usage of Niggard in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi 
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