Nitwitted meaning in hindi | Nitwitted ka matlab 

Nitwitted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Nitwitted 
Nitwitted synonyms
thoughtless senseless foolish gratuitous unmindful forgetful asinine careless daydreaming heedless idiotic inattentive moronic neglectful negligent obtuse out rash unaware unintelligent unthinking witless imbecilic moony spaced-out brutish mooning out of it crazy stupid inappropriate nonsensical childish ludicrous preposterous ridiculous pointless irresponsible frivolous irrational empty balmy brainless dizzy empty-headed fatuous featherbrained flighty foolhardy harebrained ignorant illogical immature imprudent inane inconsistent meaningless puerile simpleminded unreasonable unwise vacuous dippy muddle-headed sheepheaded illiterate amateur shallow imbecile green thick backward credulous dense dull dumb feeble gullible half-witted inexperienced inexpert insensate slow soft uneducated dimwitted simple-minded soft-headed
Nitwitted antonyms
sensible wise mindful intelligent serious thoughtful reasonable attentive thinking mature mundane responsible smart practical complicated convoluted exacting intricate unclear unintelligible cluttered jumbled ornate older aware slight complex difficult decorated embellished sophisticated on-the-ball 
Usage of Nitwitted in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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