Oblique meaning in hindi | Oblique ka matlab 

Oblique meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Oblique 
Usage of Oblique: 1: The oblique comment was very harmful. 2: The oblique line is necessary for a goud diagram. 3: There are a number of signs marked with an oblique stroke 4: Pianinos were distinguished from the oblique 5: Adjectives modifying nouns in the oblique case will inflect that same way. 6: The project's intentionally oblique CIA cryptonym is made up of the digraph MK 7: Plates may collide at an oblique angle rather than head-on to each other 8: Conical and oblique shock waves turn the flow 9: An oblique shockwave will form at the start of the ramp. 10: An oblique muscle layer may be present in some regions .
Oblique ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ka kaside ka kaam jisamen kaadhate samay phnde lagaaye jaate hain kisi vastu ka roopa, rng aadi badal jaana jo apane aadhaar par samakon banaata hua na gaya ho vah kaaryaalay ya snstha jo logon ka rupaya sood dekar apane yahaaan jama karati athava sood lekar logon ko RRin deti hai ooanchaanicha

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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