Operate meaning in hindi | Operate ka matlab 

Operate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Operate 
Usage of Operate: 1: The doctors decided to operate on her immediately. 2: Intruders operate by stealth. 3: They decided not to operate on her . 4: Military submarines also need facilities to operate their sensors and weapons. 5: The method for blowing sanitaries overboard is difficult to operate 6: It was extremely hazardous to operate 7: Special train services operate to the former Maliebaan station 8: Eleven universities primarily operate in New South Wales. 9: Eleven universities primarily operate in New South Wales. 10: Since 1949, trolleybuses operate the streets of Yerevan.
Operate ki paribhasha : shatarnj ya chausar aadi khelon men kisi mohare ya goti aadi ko apane sthaan se badhaana ya hataanaa, athava taash ya gnjiphe aadi khelon men kisi patte ko khel ke kaamon ke liye sab khelanevaalon ke saamane phenkana

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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