Overall meaning in hindi | Overall ka matlab 

Overall meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Overall 
Usage of Overall: 1: he was given overall management of the program 2: There are a number of public schools all over the world which keep on overall personality development of students. 3: The computer industry shows an overall growth. 4: His overall writing is remarkably inclusive and his characters diverse. 5: Its overall score is 1 percent lower than last year 6: The overall form of pieces was generally simple 7: India's overall adult literacy rate 8: The overall average figure for the serial was 9.75 million 9: Its overall length of 4,700 km makes it the second longest in Africa . 10: The overall case-fatality rate for ordinary-type smallpox is about 30%
Overall ki paribhasha : jisake paas sab kuchh ho vah ek baat ya gun jo kisi jaati ya varg ki sab chijon men samaan roop se paaya jaay vah raag jisamen saato svar lagate hon jisaka ansh ya vibhaag na kiya gaya ho athava jisake tukade ya vibhaag na hue hon

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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