Parapet meaning in hindi | Parapet ka matlab 

Parapet meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Parapet 
Usage of Parapet: 1: They gave beautiful two step cornice at parapet wall. 2: A railing that serves as parapet 3: Covered Path, Part of contrescarpe between the parapet and the ditch and where defenders were harmless fire of the besiegers 4: créneler a parapet 5: In terms of fortification, Walkway, formerly Kind of masonry built along the corridor and outside the parapet above the ditch 6: It takes place two watchers on the parapet of the trench 7: Splinterguard, term Fortification, earth parapet Sort designed in a trench to limit the effect of shrapnel 8: The parapet of a bridge 9: The trench's parapet 10: Fortification The solid part of the parapet which is between two doorways, niches between
Parapet ki paribhasha : vah divaar jo nagara, kile aadi ki raksha ke liye unake chaaron or banaayi jaati hai mitti ka ooancha dhussa, jo gadh ya nagar ki khaayi se nikali hui mitti ke dher se chaaron aur uthaaya jaata hai aur jisake oopar praakaar ya divaar hoti hai khet ke chaaron or sima par athava kyaariyon men ka ubhara hua ansh

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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