Patch meaning in hindi | Patch ka matlab 

Patch meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Patch 
Usage of Patch: 1: The patch of ground was oblong and unweeded. 2: I'll patch up the hose for you . 3: While re-observing his first comet and the surrounding patch of sky 4: Owners may patch tears and rips 5: Once the adjacent patch of membrane is depolarized 6: We had a bad patch there, and I’m over it". 7: A patch for the 703rd Bomb Squadron is still sewn on the front of the jacket. 8: Flames broke out on a patch of the ship 9: A patch 10: A well-made palm patch
Patch ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ke toote phoote angon ko thik karane ki kriya ya bhaav kisi vastu ka vah bhaag jo usase toot phoot ya kat chhantakar alag ho gaya ho vah tukad jo kisi phate hue kapade ya aur kisi vastu ka chhed bnd karane ke liye taaanka ya lagaaya jaay kisi chaddar ke roop ki vastu ka chhota gol tukad kisi satah ke oopar thodi door tak phaila hua aisa sthaan jo satah ke rng ke mel men na ho aur bhadda lagata ho kisi vastu ke niche padkar dikhaayi na dena ek gahana jo pagadi men lagaaya jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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