Patriarch meaning in hindi | Patriarch ka matlab 

Patriarch meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Patriarch 
Usage of Patriarch: 1: They were feting the patriarch of the family 2: Michael's father and the patriarch of Moscow 3: He was the patriarch of a family of famous actors 4: The life of the patriarch was prolonged for many years after this event. 5: He leads a patriarch of life He lives like a patriarch 6: In the Latin Church, the patriarch title is a rule with dignity, but without jurisdiction 7: It also says the extent of territory subject to the jurisdiction of a patriarch 8: It is also, in the Greek church, the title of an ecclesiastical dignity immediately below that of patriarch 9: patriarch of Dignity
Patriarch ki paribhasha : vah adhyaapak jo vidyaarthiyon ka bharan poshan karata hua unhen shiksha de upanayan ke samay gaayatri mntr ka upadesh karanevaala

Usage of Patriarch in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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