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Plague meaning in hindi

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As noun : अँगुरियाना Ex:  the virulence of the plague आफ़त Ex:  Early warning of plague helped the people to be cautious. काँडी Ex:  a plague of grasshoppers किसलय Ex:  pneumonic plague गल्ला Ex:  Moses called down a plague on the Pharoah . जमीयत Ex:  In 430, however, an outbreak of a plague hit Athens. झुंड Ex:  The plague wiped out over 30,000 citizens उ:   वास्तविक झुंड बनाकर उड़ने की आदत मैथुन से संबंधित होती है। झौँर Ex:  However, other design considerations plague coaxial rotors. टुकडी़ Ex:  Epidemics of the plague killed 10,000 in Novgorod. ठट्ट Ex:  In 1570 the plague killed 600-1000 in Moscow daily. तसांना Ex:  On its return in 1603, the plague killed 38,000 Londoners. ताऊन Ex:  The plague was first sighted in Ashwood . त्रस्त करना Ex:  The plague struck various countries in the Middle East during the pandemic दल Ex:  In the wake of the drastic population decline brought on by the plague उ:   वो राष्ट्रीय लोक दल के लम्बे समय तक अध्यक्ष रहे। नबह Ex:  Most plague doctors were essentially volunteers परेशान करना Ex:  Albert Camus's novel La Peste deals with the coming of a plague to Algeria. पिड़काना । Ex:  Italy was particularly badly hit by the plague प्लेग Ex:  Spain had suffered from famine and plague during the 14th and 15th centuries. उ:   प्लेग महामारियों के चक्र चलाते रहे हैं। बिघटाना Ex:  And he said to the moving Party in a plague strikes the sheaves बिनशना Ex:  Beat the wheat with plague भँडारा Ex:  Being struck by a disease, plague महामारी Ex:  Everyone plague against him उ:   लाखों लोग अकाल और महामारी से मरने लगे । राण Ex:  He came from a place plague लेँहड़ा Ex:  In time of plague वात्सक Ex:  India is one of the foci of plague विनाश करना Ex:  It also said a number of Grand woes , miseries, sorrows that plague both a person, a family, etc विसर Ex:  It is feared the equal of the plague व्रज्य़ा Ex:  It plague against its judges व्राजपति Ex:  It s' employs substantively speaking of people and it means one who is afflicted with the plague संधक Ex:  Pertaining to the plague संव्रात Ex:  Plague of dizzy! A plague of the ignorant! FEVER is also a kind of familiar interjection सन्नय Ex:  Sanitary Cordon line troops or special agents placed as to prevent communication with a city, a country infected with the plague or some other contagious disease समुदायि Ex:  Serum against the plague साँमजि Ex:  Serum plague हस्तियूथ Ex:  The flatterers, fatal plague kings and peoples
Other : तकलीफ Ex:  During this period, more than 100 plague epidemics swept across Europe. उ:   यह तकलीफ उनके लेखन में सहज ही महसूस की जा सकती है। दुख देना Ex:  Jews were suspected of causing the plague by deliberately poisoning wells. दुखदायक वस्तु Ex:  Muslim women in Cairo became scapegoats when the plague struck. परेशान करना. Ex:  It's not known how often or widespread plague doctors were बला Ex:  It was coveted by plague victims for its medicinal properties मरी Ex:  By extension, a plague of locusts, ants, rats उ:   मरी ऍल वोल्गा नदी के किनारों पर विस्तृत है। महामरी Ex:  Communicating the plague महामारी से पीडित करना Ex:  Discord is the plague of states महामारी से पीड़ित करना Ex:  Dying of the plague मारी Ex:  Fleeing the plague उ:   बारबरा आठ दिन बाद, न्यूमोनिया से मारी गयी।
Plague ki paribhasha : vaidyak ke anusaar paudhon vi ek jaati ka naam klesh ya shok ki sthiti vah rog jo sparshadosh se phailata hai aur jisamen ek saath bahut se log marate hain koi aisa snkraamak rog jisake kaaran bahut se log ek saath maren 3253 phailane par bahut adhik log marate hain kisi vastu ke un do sam khndon men se eka, jo ek doosare se svabhaavataः jude hue hon par jara sa dabaab padne se alag ho jaayan ek ghaatak snkraamak rog jisamen gilati nikalati aur bukhaar aata hai vah snkraamak aur bhishan rog jisamen ek saath hi bahut se log maren

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