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Poison meaning in hindi

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As noun : उपधानक Ex:  this poison is a thousand-fold more toxic कालकूटक Ex:  It's for a fact that chocolate is poison to cats . क्ष्वेड Ex:  Kelly jerked the ant poison away from the child . खुनी Ex:  After seeing the Player King murdered with poison in the ears गरल Ex:  Nevertheless poison gas technology played an important role in the Holocaust. घस्र Ex:  Italy did use poison gas against Ethiopia in 1935 and 1936 घातक Ex:  After a series of six attempts to introduce the poison into Castro's food उ:   इसके घातक परिणाम हुए इसे कृषि उपज कम हो गई। घाती Ex:  The Manusmriti book of laws also forbids use of poison weapons. Ex:  In the 1920s generals reported that poison had never won a battle. जहर Ex:  The example used was: one robot adds poison to a glass of milk उ:   मूलतः यह जहर का एक रूप है। जह्न Ex:  After drinking the poison ज़हर डालना Ex:  After he laid down, the man who administered the poison pinched his foot. ज़हर देना Ex:  When Demosthenes felt that the poison was working on his body दुंदुभि Ex:  It is believed that the poison comes from plant toxins दूषित आहार Ex:  The Cane Toad has poison glands प्रमापयिता Ex:  A poison Arsenic प्राणहर Ex:  Absolutely There are mushrooms that poison फाड़खाऊ ‡ Ex:  Action to poison or result of this action बंभणी Ex:  Arsenic is a very dangerous poison बिरसन Ex:  By analogy, an area of poisoning by poison gas बिष Ex:  Chemistry substance is extracted from the foxglove, which is a poison भूमर Ex:  It means, by analogy, poison Infect Ex:  Leave poison उ:   अ, उ, म इन तीनों मात्राओं से ॐ का स्वरूप बना है। रक्तश्रृंगिक Ex:  Make Trying to die or die by poison रिष्व Ex:  pellet-shaped composition Kind used to fatten poultry or poison the pests विघ्न डालना Ex:  Poison violent, some tribes of the South America use to poison their arrows विट्क Ex:  poisonous substance, poison विधाती Ex:  Prepare poison विष Ex:  The poison of flattery उ:   यह विष बरसात में नहीं रह जाता है। श्रृंगी Ex:  These maxims are made to poison youth उ:   वहां उन्हें श्रृंगी ऋषि और दाधीच ऋषि यज्ञ करते हुए मिले । सम्म Ex:  This prevents prevents the effect of the poison हालिक Ex:  Vomiting his poison against someone, say all possible harm of a person
As verb : दूषित कर देना Ex:  The Germans introduced poison gas विष देना Ex:  Take the poison
Other : खराब Ex:  Another seed poison is strychnine. उ:   बहुत पुराना और खराब हालत में हैं। ज़हर Ex:  Several plants cause skin irritations when touched, such as poison ivy. उ:   शेलोब ने फ़्रोडो को अपने ज़हर से डँस लिया। बिगाड़ना Ex:  Buy Death rat poison विष जहर Ex:  Remedy that prevents the poison विष मिलाना Ex:  Take the poison, poison in विषाक्त करना Ex:  The presence of poison was found हानि पहुँचाना Ex:  This remedy, this poison is very active
Poison ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ke svaabhaavik gun ya roop ko nasht kar dena phalit jyotish men vah yog jisaka phal kisi ki mratyu ho vah padaarth jo sharir ke andar pahuanchakar praan le le athava kisi ang men pahuanchakar use rogi kar de vah padaarth jo kisi praani ke sharir men kisi prakaar pahuanchane par usake praan le leta ho athava usaka svaasthy nasht karata ho

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