Prohibition meaning in hindi | Prohibition ka matlab 

Prohibition meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prohibition 
Usage of Prohibition: 1: in 1920 the 18th amendment to the Constitution established prohibition in the US 2: No prohibition was sent 3: Because the prohibition has become so widely known 4: After the introduction of prohibition in the early 1990s 5: Driven from the United States in part due to prohibition 6: The prohibition on beans could be linked to favism 7: Voters endorsed prohibition in 1892 8: Many Jews extend this prohibition to some of the other names listed below 9: As early as prohibition 10: With the introduction of prohibition
Prohibition ki paribhasha : aisi sthiti jisase chal ya badh na sake ek prakaar ka arthaalnkaar jisamen kisi prasiddh nishedh ya antar ka is prakaar ullekh kiya jaay jisase usaka kuchh vishesh arth nikale sharmida karane, hey banaane ya hataanevaala

Usage of Prohibition in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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