Puff meaning in hindi | Puff ka matlab 

Puff meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Puff 
Usage of Puff: 1: I am crazy for puff pastry. 2: Don't puff up your own accomplishments so much . 3: " After a puff of his cigar, Grant replied calmly: "Yes. 4: A fever puff 5: A puff of powder Rice 6: A puff of smoke 7: It also says the puff of a cotton cap 8: It is, by extension, the dresses that were made puff these circles 9: Roche Mineralogy puff that can easily be divided into strips or leaves, such as slate 10: The puff of a dress, a skirt
Puff ki paribhasha : kadi mihanat karane, daudne ya rog aadi ke kaaran jor jor se aur jaldi jaldi saaans lena kuchh vishesh prakaar se lagaaye hue bahut se taaron ya doron aadi ka samooh ek raakshas ka naam jise indr ne maara tha kisi udnevaali vastu ko udne men pravratt karana odhane ka dohara kapad jisake bhitar rooi bhari ho ek prakaar ka jaade ka odhana jisaka kapad dohara hota hai aur jisamen rooi bhari hota hai

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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