Punishment meaning in hindi | Punishment ka matlab 

Punishment meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Punishment 
Usage of Punishment: 1: unjust punishment 2: His punishment was tempered by pardon. 3: His punishment was six strokes of the cane. 4: an apologist for capital punishment 5: They quailed before the thought of punishment . 6: Blinding as a form of punishment hails from very ancient times. 7: The punishment arrived when angels were sent down by Allah to Lut. 8: Currently Capital punishment is on hold in the courts in California. 9: China leads the world in capital punishment 10: After Chaeronea, Philip inflicted a harsh punishment upon Thebes
Punishment ki paribhasha : .... nigrahasthaan vah rakam jo kisi aparaadh ke dnd men chukaani pade kisi ko apane adhikaar ya vash men rakhana kisi aisi baat ko jaan lena jo jaan boojhakar prakat na ki gai ho ya chhipaayi gai ho aparaadh aadi ke kaaran honevaala dnd

Usage of Punishment in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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