Puzzle meaning in hindi | Puzzle ka matlab 

Puzzle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Puzzle 
Usage of Puzzle: 1: He struggled for a while with the puzzle before the light downed. 2: the puzzle is soluble 3: She entertained herself with the puzzle . 4: It took me a while to puzzle it out . 5: The puzzle is generally accepted as the most annoying in the game 6: Educational toys for school age children of often contain a puzzle 7: Around the year 1800 the Tangram puzzle from China became popular 8: The prevalence of elliptical orbits is a major puzzle 9: Einstein solved this puzzle as well 10: This has created a puzzle for planetary scientists.
Puzzle ki paribhasha : aisi avastha jisamen kya kahana ya karana chaahie, yah na soojh pade kisi shalok ya chhnd aadi ka vah antim pad ya tukad jo poora shlok ya chhnd vanaane ke liye taiyaar karake doosaron ko diya jaata hai aur jis ke aadhaar par poora shlok ya chhnd banaaya jaata hai aisa vaaky jisamen kisi vastu ka lakshan ghuma phiraakar athava kisi bhraamak roop men diya gaya ho aur usi lakshan ke sahaare use boojhane athava usaka naam bataane ka prastaav ho

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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