Ration meaning in hindi | Ration ka matlab 

Ration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ration 
Usage of Ration: 1: It is neccessary to maintain your spouses name on the ration card. 2: All the salesmen met their quota for the month.
The quota for the Japanese imports was being negotiated.
I asked in the ration shop whether the monthly quota has come or not.
3: We will have to ration petrol. 4: Now there is a weekly kerosine ration.
You have to get your new ration card.
5: Horse batteries were given twice the ammo ration of the foot 6: There are about 6 lakh ration shops all over the country . 7: � We shared my rum ration and his excellent sausage . 8: A biscuit ration 9: In preparation for responsible government 10: Action to ration
Ration ki paribhasha : gauon aadi ke liye ek vishesh prakaar ka bhojan jisamen khari binaula aadi chijen rahati hain anaaj jo braahman ya purohit aadi ko bhojanaarth diya jaata hai vah jo bantane par hisse ke anusaar mile aushadh ki maatra jo ek baar sevan ki jaay utani vastu jisani kuchh adhik vastu men se alag ki jaay niyntrit tatha nishchit maatra men vastuon ka vitaran

Usage of Ration in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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