Rebel meaning in hindi | Rebel ka matlab 

Rebel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rebel 
Usage of Rebel: 1: By the time the rebel troops arrived, the village had already been abandoned. 2: I feel as if I have to rebel at all these rules . 3: The rebel cities then called a meeting of the Staten Generaal 4: Senegalese troops defeated the rebel force. 5: 1644, Beijing fell to a rebel army led by Li Zicheng. 6: Laurent-Désiré Kabila's rebel forces moved methodically down the Congo River 7: Even as rebel forces advanced on Kinshasa 8: In November 1998 a new Ugandan-backed rebel group 9: Two other rebel groups 10: At least three cease-fires between rebel groups and Burundi forces
Rebel ki paribhasha : vah jo prachalit shaasanapranaali athava raay ke viruddh vidroh kare jo kisi ke prati vidraah ya dvesh karata ho

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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