Restraint meaning in hindi | Restraint ka matlab 

Restraint meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Restraint 
Usage of Restraint: 1: to fret under restraint by dinesh. 2: He urged restraint upon them . 3: However, no such restraint is observed while criticizing the government. 4: The Vatican showed restraint towards the highly organized Centre Party. 5: Do not keep it, put no restraint in his conduct 6: Excessive restraint of mind, excessive restraint can impair health 7: He Forgot restraint 8: It also says a Kind discretion, restraint or delicacy that keeps saying, hear or do certain things without embarrassment 9: It is also used in a bad sense and simplicity means Excess or fault restraint in expressing feelings that have an interest in hiding 10: It says especially figuratively and signifies transitively say without restraint all the insults that come to the mouth
Restraint ki paribhasha : sarakaar dbaara kisi vastu ke moolya, samaan vitaran aadi par lagaaya jaanevaala pratibndh .... nigrahasthaan aisi sthiti jisase chal ya badh na sake haanikaarak ya buri vastuon se bachane ki kriya

Usage of Restraint in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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