Roaring meaning in hindi | Roaring ka matlab 

Roaring meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Roaring 
Usage of Roaring: 1: Tigers are roaring in their cages.
How dare you speak to me like that,she roared.
2: Koufax came roaring back in . 3: Like a roaring lion chases away the terrified shepherds, as Achille 4: The waves roaring 5: There is always a roaring fire in the glassware 6: This torrent rushed roaring through the precipices 7: You could hear the bulls roaring 8: You could hear the roaring waves 9: It is said, figuratively, human voice, strength and when it approaches the roaring
Roaring ki paribhasha : vah shabd jisase sunanevaale ko yah bodh ho ki usaka uchchaaran karanevaala du:kh men hai

Usage of Roaring in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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