Sail meaning in hindi | Sail ka matlab 

Sail meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sail 
Usage of Sail: 1: I like to sail in a yawl with my friend. 2: I like to sail a dinghy. 3: This voyager is ready to sail 4: Sailor directs the ship to sail on the sea. 5: Let's go out and sail around before dinner . 6: Douglass set sail on the Cambria for Liverpool on August 16 1845 7: Passenger ferries from Durrës sail to Trieste 8: We sail at an altitude of about 250 m 9: On 19 October the French and Spanish fleet set sail from Cádiz 10: It used to be possible to sail on these boats all the way from Cairo to Aswan
Sail ki paribhasha : paani men na doobakar satah ke oopar rahana bahut adhik badi naav jo bahut gahare jal visheshataः samudr men chalati hai kisi vastu ke chaaro or ghoomate hue udna pradhaan sattaarthak kriya ek vynjan jo hidi ya snskrat varnamaala ka bisavaaan aur tavarg ka paaanchavaaan varn hai kisi jiv ka apane ang snchaalit karake paani par chalana vah yaatra jo abhishek aadi ke nimitt pavitr jal laane ke liye ki jaati hai topa, bnduk ya tamnche ki naal ka ghera ya chakkar

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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