Saying meaning in hindi | Saying ka matlab 

Saying meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Saying 
Usage of Saying: 1: Hed make mincemeat of anyone saying a word against his family. 2: I cannot make out what this politician is saying 3: He rationalized his decision to buy a bike by saying that it would save his
money on bus fares.
4: What you just said recalled an old saying to me . 5: She rode by me without saying anything . 6: Willium "Mate" Cobblers hears a voice saying "Minardor". 7: Aubrey denied saying the phrase. 8: Polanski later quoted Robson as saying to him 9: Roth later explained he had actually been saying 10: Griffith congratulated Close by saying
Saying ki paribhasha : kaavy men vah alnkaar jisamen kisi lokokti ka prayog karek kuchh rochakata ya chamatkaar laaya jaay saarthak shabd ya vaaky manushy ke muanh se nikala hua saarthak shabd bolachaal men bahut aanevaala aisa bandha vaaky jisamen koi anubhav ki baat snkshep men aur praaya: alnkrat bhaasha men hi kahi gai ho

Usage of Saying in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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