Simulated meaning in hindi | Simulated ka matlab 

Simulated meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Simulated 
Other : नकली
Usage of Simulated: 1: Jean Baudrillard considered truth to be largely simulated 2: American scientists simulated the biosphere in a small-scale model 3: A related idea is that the perceived universe is a simulated reality. 4: The exercise simulated a period of conflict escalation 5: Architecture Suite small arches protruding or simulated on a wall 6: Cause simulated , assumed; apparent reason that is used to hide the real motive of design, action 7: False Door, Door simulated used to make symmetry with one or more real doors 8: In terms Fencing , Making the wall, pull the wall applies to a set of exercises where one fencing against a wall, the enemy being simulated by this wall 9: In terms of jurisprudence, indirect Advantage, Advantage as one does to someone against the law, by means of an intermediary or any act simulated 10: No weapons , Sort tournament which consisted in the simulated defense against an enemy a passage
Simulated ki paribhasha : jo nakal karake banaaya gaaya ho baarah prakaar ke putron men se ek

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