Sinister meaning in hindi | Sinister ka matlab 

Sinister meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sinister 
Usage of Sinister: 1: Campbell acquired a reputation as a sinister and Machiavellian figure 2: These include the sinister 3: A sinister adventure 4: Birds funeral, thought of some nocturnal birds, whose cry is some sinister 5: Birds of good, evil, sinister omen 6: Having the sinister countenance be grim, Having in the physiognomy in the air face something dark and wicked 7: HE HIT sometimes mean absolutely and familiarly , fill in the imagination of some sinister thought 8: He is old and no longer employs little in terms of Coat: The sinister side, the left side of the shield, c that is to say the right side to the beholder 9: In engraving, Vert is marked by oblique lines of dexter sinister 10: In terms of Blason, it refers to one of the parts of the shield, which goes from the sinister angle of the head to the right hand corner of the tip
Sinister ki paribhasha : 0781 karanevaala ek kid jo anyaaya, kapat ya aur kisi prakaar ka anaachaar karata ho chndrama ke rath ke ek ghode ka naam

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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