Slab meaning in hindi | Slab ka matlab 

Slab meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Slab 
Usage of Slab: 1: I prefer kitchen slab to be made in marble. 2: It is a slab of white marble 149 cm long 3: Home base is a pentagonal rubber slab known as simply home. 4: A sculpted slab at Ardchattan appears to show strong Pictish influences 5: This is in contrast to a slab avalanche. 6: A deer that slab 7: Duplicate the layer by a drawing or a painting on paper, on canvas, on a wall, on a slab of copper, etc 8: Marquetry of marble, marble of various colors book, consisting of thin sections applied on a stone slab 9: Stone fireplace, marble fireplace, fireplace and abbreviations, also called the stone or marble slab that is put in front of a fireplace to keep the fire floor and the floors 10: The gold letters embedded in a marble slab
Slab ki paribhasha : haathidaaant ya haddi ke uangali ke baraabar chhah pahale tukade jinake pahalon par bindiyaaan bani hoti hain aur jinhen chausar ke khelane men khelaadi baari baari phenkate hain chipate tale ki badi aur oopar se pati hui naav jo bndaragaahon men jahaaj se bojh utaarane aur chadhaane ke kaam men aati hai lash lakadi ka vah chira hua lnba chaud aur chaukor tukad jisaki motaayi adhik na ho ek gahana jo pagadi men lagaaya jaata hai

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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