Slave meaning in hindi | Slave ka matlab 

Slave meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Slave 
Usage of Slave: 1: a slave to fashion 2: he was born of slave parents 3: The slave got a whipping. 4: Put the slave on the rack. 5: In 1807, he signed a bill abolishing the slave trade. 6: A slave could have possessions and even own other slaves. 7: Among them was an African slave who had smallpox. 8: 1860. It argued for states' rights for slave owners in the South 9: The remaining eight slave states rejected pleas to join the Confederacy. 10: The Southern economy and military effort depended on slave labor.
Slave ki paribhasha : —aage badh bola men prabhuvara, kinkarakar lega yah kaary seva karane ke liye vetan aadi par niyukt manushy vaishnav va vah saadhu jo tilak lagaata aur maaans aadi na khaata ho vah jo apane ko doosare ki seva ke liye samarpit kar de

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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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