Sophisticated meaning in hindi | Sophisticated ka matlab 

Sophisticated meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sophisticated 
Usage of Sophisticated: 1: The present society is a sophisticated society. 2: The present society is a sophisticated society. 3: She travels with a sophisticated crowd . 4: The best digital pianos are sophisticated 5: Esotericism claims to be more sophisticated than religion 6: Japan probably had the most sophisticated Navy in the world. 7: Even though South Africa now has the most sophisticated media network in Africa 8: These ecotype aquaria might be considered the most sophisticated hobby aquaria 9: As these species had never faced sophisticated big-game hunters before 10: When robots are sophisticated enough to weigh alternatives
Sophisticated ki paribhasha : saansarik prapnch men phansa hua manushy baarah prakaar ke putron men se ek smrati men paaanch prakaar ki saakshiyon men se ek saakshi jise arthi ne pratyarthi ka vachan suna diya ho nav yogeshvaron men se ek yogeshvar vah jo abhiyogon aadi ka nyaay karata ho pragativaad ke siddhaant par aadhaarit jata ke ulajhe hue baalon ki tarah jisaka sulajhana bahut kathin ho

Usage of Sophisticated in sentences

The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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