Status meaning in hindi | Status ka matlab 

Status meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Status 
Usage of Status: 1: he had the status of a minor 2: The secular functions of the govt. are to give equal status to all the religions. 3: ethnicity has a strong influence on community status relations 4: marital status 5: Her growing status may lead her to the post of home minister. 6: Keep her posted about the patient's status . 7: Fact also remains that India has "third world" status after decolonising 8: The match was given Test status despite being only three days in length. 9: Guangzhou was promoted to the status of a Municipality 10: The Chief of Cabinet who holds the same status as the Vice Governors
Status ki paribhasha : vah shabd jisase kisi vastu, vyakti ya samooh ka bodh ho adhik aavashyak ya parinaamajanak vah upahaar jo bar ka bad bhaayi vadhou ko deta hai jaisa,—k rogi ki dasha achchho nahin hai chaaron or ki vastuon aur vyaapaaron ki sthiti ooanchaayi nichaayi ke kram ke vichaar se nishchit sthaan

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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