Subterfuge meaning in hindi | Subterfuge ka matlab 

Subterfuge meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Subterfuge 
Usage of Subterfuge: 1: he wasnt sick--it was just a subterfuge 2: Her claim to a journalist was simply a subterfuge to go into the theatre without paying. 3: User subterfuge 4: , Put someone into a corner, The put them out to steal, to use subterfuge to reduce it to defend themselves to do what is proposed to him
Subterfuge ki paribhasha : mithya vyavahaar jisase doosare ke man men mithya pratiti utpann ho raajaniti men shutr par vijay paane ki sukti paani ki dhaar jo pathikon ko oopar se paani pilaane men bandh jaati hai kisi baat se bachane ya koi matalab nikaalane ke liye apane snbndh men koi jhooth baat kahana

Usage of Subterfuge in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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