Surround meaning in hindi | Surround ka matlab 

Surround meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Surround 
Usage of Surround: 1: Big trees surround the lakeside. 2: The 18 kilometres of beaches that surround Vancouver include English Bay 3: Smaller islands surround the main two. 4: He did not surround himself with governesses and wealth. 5: Therefore, many different types of trees surround the city. 6: The city expanded to the natural barrier of the hills that surround it 7: These provinces surround the four major cities of the same names 8: The Lebanon Mountains surround much of Beirut 9: South and Southwest Philadelphia surround Center City 10: The gardens that surround this museum are almost as enticing as its interior.
Surround ki paribhasha : sab or se aabaddh karake mndl ya sima ke andar laana kisi adhik lnbaayi aur kam chaudaivaali vastu ke ve donon bhaag ya praant jahaaan se chaudai samaapt hoti ho

Usage of Surround in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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