Sympathetic meaning in hindi | Sympathetic ka matlab 

Sympathetic meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sympathetic 
Usage of Sympathetic: 1: As a gaffer,he is not sympathetic to the woes of the workers. 2: He was very sympathetic on the demise of her mother. 3: Spain was neutral in the Second World War though sympathetic to the Axis. 4: The pageant would have a sympathetic audience 5: Guevara spent the period developing contacts with sympathetic locals. 6: When the American army came to Quebec they found many sympathetic supporters. 7: According to sympathetic accounts 8: Many of these observers were broadly sympathetic to the Soviet Union 9: She found a sympathetic mentor 10: Other thinkers who are sympathetic to transhumanist ideas
Sympathetic ki paribhasha : kisi ko du:khi dekhakar svayn du:khi hona

Usage of Sympathetic in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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