Tackle meaning in hindi | Tackle ka matlab 

Tackle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tackle 
Usage of Tackle: 1: we must tackle these tasks boldly 2: Government has adopted several measures to tackle the shortage of water. 3: Opposition players may bump or tackle the player to obtain the ball and 4: To tackle these issues, the population's awareness needs to be raised. 5: Houston Oilers defensive tackle Ray Childress 6: body The bodies are defended in the tackle to Sword 7: He said, figuratively, the media is brought into use to tackle something, to succeed in 8: I feel brave enough to tackle the 9: , Colliding front prejudices, tackle The bluntly
Tackle ki paribhasha : apani or milaana ya kaabou men karana kisi ulajhi hui vastu ki ulajhan door karana hindi ya varnamaala ka unnisavaaan vynjan aur tavarg ka chautha varn jisaka uchchaaran sthaan dntamool hai gati ka avarodh karana kisi doosare ki vastu jabaradasti le lena

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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