Tiger meaning in hindi | Tiger ka matlab 

Tiger meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Tiger 
Usage of Tiger: 1: Ive an albino tiger at home. 2: The tiger ravened the deer. 3: The tiger tore its prey. 4: He is a tiger on the tennis court. 5: The tiger inched back and sprang . 6: Previously, yin and yang were symbolized by a tiger and dragon. 7: Large species such as the tiger 8: Calvin sees Hobbes as a live tiger 9: Hobbes is an anthropomorphic tiger 10: Mister "Tawky" Tawny the talking tiger
Tiger ki paribhasha : baagh ya sher naamak prasiddh hinsak jntu jise achchhi achchhi chijen khaane ka vyasan ho phaarasi, urdou aadi ki kavita ke do charan

Usage of Tiger in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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