Times meaning in hindi | Times ka matlab 

Times meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Times 
Usage of Times: 1: Culture is some times learned, but not inbred. 2: Early times some kings take surtax from the people. 3: it was a sign of the times 4: unpeaceful times 5: army stays in cantonment in times of peace. 6: This room is two times bigger than the hall. 7: In ancient times wheat was bartered for machinery. 8: Learn the three times table. 9: The priests of olden times were prescient. 10: meals are at specified times
Times ki paribhasha : gehooan ke aate aur gud se bana hua ek pakavaan ek ank par doosare ank ka aisa prayog jisake dvaara vahi phal nikalata hai jo pahale ank ko utani hi baar alaga—alag rakhakar jodne se nikalata hai jitana doosara ank hai samaan kaaran hone se ek sa samajha jaanevaala vakilo, bairistaron ka samooha, unaka pesha aur kachahari men unake uthane baithane, aaraam karane ka sthaan

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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