To cut meaning in hindi | To cut ka matlab 

To cut meaning in hindi

How to pronounce To cut 
Usage of To cut: 1: The doctor told him to cut down on his drinking . 2: Max refused to cut in his partner Lefty . 3: I want to cut the dust . 4: Special types of planes are designed to cut joints or decorative mouldings. 5: That is to say it is able to cut grooves 6: The invitation to cut is made by placing the pack 7: 2007 in a bid to cut underaged smoking. 8: Beatty moved eastwards to cut the German ships off from their base. 9: He would go home to cut the harvest and for sowing . 10: Absolutely, Who wants to prune? He promised to cut after supper
To cut ki paribhasha : kisi dhaaradaar chij ki daab ya ragad se do tukade karana

Usage of To cut in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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