Transmit meaning in hindi | Transmit ka matlab 

Transmit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Transmit 
Usage of Transmit: 1: Parents should not transmit fears to their children by over protection. 2: I can transmit it to any place in the world . 3: Please transmit this message to Rachel . 4: I will transmit the message to my office . 5: Adult ticks may also transmit disease to humans. 6: Contact with someone in early stages may not even transmit the disease. 7: The U.S. was informed of the decision but not that it was to transmit it. 8: Meat, like any food, can also transmit certain diseases 9: Morse had planned to only transmit numerals 10: Each of small whitish filaments, distributed throughout the body, transmit sensations to the brain caused by external objects or by the body itself, and the pulses muscles WD
Transmit ki paribhasha : phati puraani bagadi jo niche rahati hai aur jisake oopar achchhi pagadi baaandhi jaati hai kisi vastu ya vyakti ko ek sthaan se le jaakar doosare sthaan par praapt ya prastut karana kisi vastu ya vyakti ko ek sthaan se doosare sthaan ke liye ravaana karana kisi vastu par se apana svatv hataakar usapar doosare ka svatv sthaapit karana

Usage of Transmit in sentences

The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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