Undesirable meaning in hindi | Undesirable ka matlab 

Undesirable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Undesirable 
Usage of Undesirable: 1: However, at least as often, feedback is both undesirable and unavoidable 2: This surgery also prevents undesirable sex-related behavior 3: The cultures also provide flavour and aroma, and inhibit undesirable organisms. 4: Today, war is seen by some as undesirable and morally problematic. 5: It is also undesirable to come to the mosque after eating something smelly. 6: They are generally undesirable as they reduce carry distance 7: It is caused by some unfavourable or undesirable event . 8: The addition of undesirable substances to water-bodies . 9: It also says Disadvantages attached to something, with undesirable results it must necessarily produce
Undesirable ki paribhasha : yajn ke liye varjit .... shatrutaapoorn

Usage of Undesirable in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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