Undo meaning in hindi | Undo ka matlab 

Undo meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Undo 
Usage of Undo: 1: I wish I could undo my actions 2: You cannot undo the damage! 3: Alexander can not undo the Gordian knot, cut the 4: By extension, undo his waistcoat, his coat, remove the 5: Cut an army to pieces, fully undo the 6: Making less visible defects of a horse to better undo 7: This is a man who spends his life to do, undo and redo 8: , Cut into pieces an army La undo entirely 9: , It is a ring finger, says a Thing prices which we can always easily undo 10: , This is a man you can not undo it clings to you
Undo ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ke mile ya jude hue bhaagon ko ek doosare se is prakaar alag karana ki usake andar ya usake paar takaanaa, jaanaa, tatolanaa, dekhana aadi ho sake kisi vastu ke svaabhaavik gun ya roop ko nasht kar dena

Usage of Undo in sentences

The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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