Vanished meaning in hindi | Vanished ka matlab 

Vanished meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vanished 
Usage of Vanished: 1: He works for a nuclar energy and all of a sudden he vanished in anonymity. 2: The effect vanished when day broke 3: The culprits vanished from the scene
The moon vanished from the sky
4: The pizza vanished away in no time at all . 5: The money vanished from the desk drawer . 6: My glasses have vanished from sight again . 7: All the deer vanished into the forest . 8: That civilization vanished in the 15th century for unknown reasons. 9: Guevara dropped out of public life and then vanished altogether. 10: Tehran-style home architecture has almost vanished completely.

Usage of Vanished in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi 
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