Voracious meaning in hindi | Voracious ka matlab 

Voracious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Voracious 
Usage of Voracious: 1: He seems to be a voracious reader 2: We became voracious eater while watching cricket match. 3: Aparna is a voracious reader of novels. 4: He is a voracious eater 5: Shakur was a voracious reader. 6: Because of its voracious appetite 7: Kind of Zoology of birds waterfowl, Longipennes of the family, inhabiting the southern seas and are very voracious 8: Natural History voracious Sea fish, which somewhat resembles the pike and whose jaw is advanced 9: Pike is a voracious fish 10: The eagle is a voracious bird
Voracious ki paribhasha : jo khaane ke pichhe mara jaata ho jise sada pet bharane ki hi phikr rahe

Usage of Voracious in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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