Weapon meaning in hindi | Weapon ka matlab 

Weapon meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Weapon 
Other : आयुध
Usage of Weapon: 1: strategic weapon 2: Keep a weapon ready at night. 3: A ggod handwriting is an important weapon in a childs armoury. 4: Max threw the weapon down the storm sewer . 5: Henin's forehand remains her most dangerous weapon 6: The U.S. Marines also used the Thompson as a limited-issue weapon 7: It is a semi-blowback weapon incorporating the Blish lock. 8: This weapon was used by other snipers 9: Despite the problems with the weapon 10: When the weapon was chosen and first issued
Weapon ki paribhasha : vah hathiyaar jisase chikitsak chir phaad karate hain haath se pakadkar kaam men laane ki saadhanavastu

Usage of Weapon in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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