Whereas meaning in hindi | Whereas ka matlab 

Whereas meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Whereas 
Usage of Whereas: 1: He is very strong whereas his brother is puny. 2: , whereas the "milk name" is known as the "small name" . 3: Koufax played his entire career with one team, whereas Ryan played for four. 4: Sunday Funday was the last, whereas Wario's Woods was the last licensed game . 5: A goal is worth 6 points whereas a behind is worth 1 point. 6: May is generally the wettest month, whereas July and August are the most dry. 7: Venus, whereas the Greeks used the name of her Greek counterpart, Aphrodite . 8: Eup are typically substantial villages, whereas myeon are more rural. 9: French knights used expensive suits of armour, whereas the Scots were "naked" . 10: Women can legally drive in Qatar, whereas they may not in Saudi Arabia.

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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