Youth meaning in hindi | Youth ka matlab 

Youth meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Youth 
Usage of Youth: 1: He is a callow youth of seventeen. 2: during the youth of the project 3: He misspent his youth 4: The youth f lipped the police officer off . 5: In 1947, he became director of the American Legion's youth baseball program. 6: Woodruff spent his youth in Australia 7: Michael spent all of his youth in Australia. 8: Madrilenian youth are famous for dancing all night long 9: Particularly in his youth 10: Music and youth variety programs dominate FM formats
Youth ki paribhasha : sanaka, sanndana, sanat aur sujaat aadi kai RRishi jo sada baalak hi rahate hain solah varsh se lekar pachis ya tis ya paintis varsh tak ki avasthaavaala manushy avastha ka vah madhy bhaag jo jisaki avastha solah se lekar paintis varsh ke andar ho

Usage of Youth in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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