Meaning of (बाँधना) bandhana in english - (बाँधना) Bandhana meaning 

Meaning of (बाँधना) bandhana in english

As verb : tag tie gird truss knot
Suggested : to bind, fasten, or attach with a cord, string, or the like, drawn together and knotted a bag or other contrivance of strong thread or cord worked into an open, meshed fabric, for catching fish, birds, or other animals the flexible part of a whip the section of cord or the like forming the extremity of a whip a piece or strip of strong paper, plastic, metal, leather, etc, for attaching by one end to something as a mark or label a curved or angular piece of metal or other hard substance for catching, pulling, holding, or suspending something
Exampleबाँधना का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of बाँधना: 1. Hunting net Kind vertically that tends to take some birds 2. It also said figuratively to surround, gird 3. The lime and the cement are used to bind the stones 4. To enter, seize the passages 5. To ask a stone pin deck 6. Masking tape Watermelon 7. With his ability to engage on a wide range of subjects 8. Arts Piece of wood or iron bar starts among others to support them, to bind them together
(बाँधना) bandhana can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 6 including consonants matras. The word is used as Transitive Verb in hindi originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : baa.Ndhanaa 
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