Meaning of chhot in english - Chhot meaning 

Meaning of chhot in english

Interpreting chhot - छोत
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Usage of छोत: 1. Although it is too small to cause serious injury 2. This size helps protect the fiber as it is wound onto a bobbin. 3. The ones who get hurt by MP3s are not so much companies or the business 4. The surgeon's examination revealed a lesion 5. A single blow his head separated from the body, with the body of 6. , Chop menu as mincemeat, Set pieces, chop into pieces 7. Poison product, in some animals, for secretion, which, introduced into the blood of another animal or a human through a bite or sting, and leads to serious disorders even death 8. The cost of the immediate damage was initially estimated at £50 million 9. She threw her hands up in shock but was not injured. 10. It later had a significant impact in Venice
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chhot No of characters: 3 including consonants matras. Transliteration : Chota 
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